Two men in their 60s were arrested on the western edge of the Twin Cities and charged with possessing 56 pounds of marijuana, along with other drugs and a homemade still, authorities said.

Wright County sheriff’s investigators, with assistance from Annandale police and state authorities, raided the men’s home in the 6800 block of Quinn Avenue in Southside Township last week and came away with the pot, methamphetamine and cocaine, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“Also discovered during the search was a homemade active ­alcohol distillery set up in the basement of the home,” the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

The men, Allen C. Hochstein, 63, and Mark D. Repke, 60, are charged with various felony controlled substance violations, including a ­trafficking count.

They are both out of jail and have another court hearing scheduled for Feb. 23.

Hochstein’s criminal history in Minnesota includes felony convictions for drug possession and illegally possessing a weapon.

Minnesota court records show no criminal history for Repke.