Fort Myers, Fla.

So Eddie Guardado's son, Niko, is making a name for himself in Hollywood.

He appeared on an episode of The Goldbergs this week, and is appearing in a soon-to-be-released film called Lost in the West.

-On to baseball.

Watched Byung Ho Park take batting practice today. He did not hit the ball very hard.

Now his success in Korea indicates he can hit a baseball a long way, but at this point of spring his bat looks slow and his swing looks long. Maybe he's working on a technique and not concerned with results, but he's not putting on a show yet.

Miguel Sano is, of course. He's an impressive combination of power, bat speed, balance and confidence.

-Major League Baseball's rule tweaks involving slides into second base make sense. You should be able to disrupt a throw with a hard slide. You should not be able to throw a body block at a vulnerable player.

-Ricky Nolasco is saying and doing all of the right things this year. He's in good shape and told Paul Molitor that he is ready to resurrect his career. He should have value as a long reliever or bottom-of-rotation starter.

-Bran Dozier always reports to camp in shape. This year, he looks more ripped than usual.

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