We were able see a different wrinkle in how Paul Molitor runs a camp when the team went over rundowns, relay throws and pop ups on Monday.

Instead of having a group of players on each field, the entire team assembled at Hammond Stadium to take part in the drills

``My thought process was to get everybody on the same field,'' Molitor said. `Almost as important to be an observer as it was to be a (participant), especially for some of the young guys.''

There was a lot of action, and a lot of yelling as players communicated about who should catch the ball. This way, the younger players could see how an established player does it.

Torii Hunter cracked up everyone during the rundown drills when, while taking a lead off of third base, yelled, ``You ain't getting on one throw, none of you pitchers!!''

One popup fell between a group of four players, including Trevor Ploufffe Josmil Pinto.

``I thought the rundowns and the popup priority went very well,'' Molitor said. ``Only had one popup that I had any issue with. We had a catcher try to outprioritize a corner infielder, which it should be in reverse. The cutoffs and relays weren't ’t quite as smooth as I had hoped. Some of those were because we didn't ’t have all the bodies due to the flu thing. We had to slow that down a little bit. That wasn’t perfect but there was a lot of good things there.

``We communicated priorities for the outfielders for cutoffs and relays as far as communication, getting the ball to the infielder. The infielder, obviously, it’s alignment, it’s communication, it’s being ready to throw and making sure you understand who can throw and how far you’ve got to get out there and being in the right place. That’s going to need a little bit more work, but I thought the other areas went well.''

The Sano Show

Miguel Sano hit seveal prodigous home runs during batting practice on Monday. That grinded to a half when the batting practice pitcher was replaced  by someone on the roster. Sano couldn't get the ball out of the infield against Kyle Gibson.

But home runs were nevertheless impressive.

``I haven’t watched a lot of batting practice so I haven’t really seen,'' Molitor said. ``I just keep hearing how far balls are going. It’s fun for people to see. I hope he’s working on his whole game. When I see him on the defensive field, I was working today on the bunt defenses, he’s trying. There are things that are going to be a challenge for him. We’ve got to keep an eye on him. He’s a big boy. He carries it pretty well, but you’ve got to have some athleticism.''

Flu Bug

The flug bug has worsened in the Twins clubhouse, as the team sent home five -five! -  players when they reported feeling under weather Monday.
Kurt Suzuki, Trevor May, Jordan Schafer, Byron Buxton and Oswaldo Arcia made brief appearances at the ballpark before  leaving. A bug is going around the clubhouse, which is rare for spring training, and the Twins are trying to keep the sick players away in order to keep whatever is going around from spreading.

It appears to not be working.

Trevor Plouffe returned to workouts after he missed two days.

``I was quarantined from my wife for two days,'' said Plouffe, who did watch six episodes of,. `House of Lies,'' during his isolation.

Twins manager Paul Molitor is using Plouffe's recovery as a base when speculating when the others will return. May, Schafer and Buxton missed their second day on Monday, so Molitor hopes they will be able to work out on Tuesday. Suzuki and Arcia were going through Day 1 of their issues on Monday.


Torii Hunter felt a little under the weather too, so we'll keep an eye on him.

Jose Berrios and Glen Perkins are among pitchers scheduled to face the Gophers on Wednesday in a special exhibition game.


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