Here are 10 stands that continue to raise the food-and-drink stakes at Target Field.

Andrew Zimmern's Canteen: Yes, that outrageous pork belly sandwich ($12.50) tastes as good as it looks, and that frozen white chocolate mousse ($7.50) is a fancified (and fabulous) take on the beloved old frozen malted milk cups. But don't overlook the lemonade infused with cucumber and mint ($5.50), easily the ballpark's most refreshing (and wonderfully not-too-sugary) nonalcoholic beverage. Section 120.

Halsey's Sausage Haus: The facility's firm grip on weather realities is evident in a hearty, beefy and warms-you-from-the-inside-out chili ($6, a tribute to the famous menu staple at the nearby Loon Cafe) and what is surely Major League Baseball's only wild rice soup ($6), packed with tender chicken. Both are classic ideas that have been around since the ballpark's debut. Long may they wave. Sections 105, 120, 323.

Herbivorous Butcher: Catering to non-mainstream diets is a Target Field strength. Witness the top-notch vegan Italian sausages and brats ($12.50), topped with charred onions and served in vegan buns. Section 129.

Izzy's Ice Cream: Yes, despite generous portions, the prices ($7.50) suffer from Stadium Markup Syndrome, but the scoop case is filled with most-excellent choices from this premium Twin Cities shop. Section 114. Look for Izzy's impressive gelato ($6.50) stands at Sections 119 and 302.

Kramarczuk's: The brats, Polish sausages and Cheddar sausages ($9), produced in northeast Minneapolis at this James Beard award-winning butcher shop and restaurant, remain must-have ballpark fare. Don't forget the sauerkraut. Sections 101, 112 and 312.

Murray's: Forget Arby's. The nearby home of the Silver Butter Knife Steak is responsible for this beauty of a quarter-pound pile of hickory-smoked beef, and while the results aren't exactly cheap ($16), they're worth it. Section 116.

Pizza Lucé: The crowd-pleasing Twin Cities pizzeria hawks four well-topped varieties in by-the-slice ($6 and $7) and whole 16-inch pie ($27 and $36) options. Gluten-free crusts ($22 to $30), too. Section 234.

Red Cow: The ballpark's leading burger is a beefy, double-patty bruiser ($14.50) blanketed in two slices of aged Cheddar, a tomato slice and shredded lettuce, all stuffed into a toasted bun. Section 234.

Red Cow, part 2: A close runner-up, burger-wise, is the over-the-top blend of ground bacon and beef, in a 60-40 ratio; cardiologists everywhere are relieved by the slider size ($9.50, or two for $15.50). Look for the omnipresent line. Section 126.

Tony O's Cuban Sandwich: The stand's sole output ($10.50) piles layers of piping hot pulled pork, thinly shaved ham and Swiss cheese into a panini, with sharp pickle and Dijon mustard accents. Sections 111 and 309.