A Twin Cities man was one of four stabbed in Washington, D.C., while demonstrating among Proud Boys followers over the weekend in support of President Donald Trump's fruitless effort to overturn his re-election defeat.

District of Columbia police said that Corey O. Nielsen, 39, of Robbinsdale, was taken to a nearby hospital after being wounded Saturday near Harry's Bar, which the Washington Post described as a gathering spot for the Proud Boys, a far-right group known for street fighting and directed by Trump during the campaign to "stand back and stand by." The Post also said Nielsen was charged with simple assault.

Police identified the others who were stabbed as Franklin T. Gregory, of McMinnville, Tenn., Jeremy Bertino, of Locust, N.C., and Gregory Lyons, whose city of residence was not listed on the police report with the others. Conditions have not been released for any of the four victims.

Justin Nielsen, a relative, said Monday that Corey Nielsen is going to survive his wounds but declined to say more.

Connie Sylvester told the Star Tribune that since she posted her defenses of Corey Nielsen on social media that she and her family have been receiving threats, and her personal information is being passed around publicly.

"I am being threatened because of my support of Trump and my friend who was stabbed!" Sylvester wrote on Parler, a right-leaning social media platform.

Many among the thousands demonstrating about four blocks from the White House wore the gold and black trademark colors of the Proud Boys along with helmets and bullet-resistant vests as some waved Trump flags.

Sporadic fights broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators after sundown. About two dozen arrests were made.

Arrested and charged with assault was 29-year-old Phillip Johnson, of the District of Columbia, according to the New York Times.

The clash involving the stabbings occurred when dozens of Trump supporters confronted a Black man by himself, the Times reported. More demonstrators closed in and began to punch and kick him, according to video of the confrontation shared by the New York Post. At that point, the Times report continued, the man pulled out a knife and began slashing as more demonstrators piled onto him.

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