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Q: Has Syfy's "Lost Girl" been canceled? If not, when will it return?

A: The new season begins on April 17.

Jumping into 'Cash Cab'

Q: What took "Cash Cab" off of the air? I heard that the people in the cab were really not given the money they won as shown on television.

A: I have not seen a specific reason for the show ending its U.S. run in 2012 after seven years. (There are versions in other countries, including Canada.) It may simply have been that Discovery was no longer seeing the audience returns it wanted.

While it was on the air, it was acknowledged that there was some artifice to the concept of people getting in the cab and discovering they were on a game show. The money you saw them getting on television was not their actual winnings; instead, they received a check later, apparently a common practice on game shows.

And some contestants were not found randomly on the street but chosen in advance — although they did not know ahead of time they were getting in the Cash Cab, thinking instead they were being recruited for another show.

Finding 'Hart of Dixie'

Q: We love "Hart of Dixie" on the CW and have Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. They are now showing Season 4. Is Season 3 on DVD?

A: The third season was released on DVD on March 17. These days, when you are looking for a show for re-viewing at home, the search usually has to begin with streaming, online presentations, with the third season of "Hart" appearing on Netflix, Amazon Instant and iTunes some time ago.

More 'Sherlock'

Q: Do you know if "Sherlock" will have any new shows soon?

A: Another run of the Benedict Cumberbatch-Martin Freeman version of "Sherlock" is in the works. It should hit the airwaves late in 2015, and then three new episodes later on.

One reason you see so few episodes of "Sherlock" is that there aren't that many in its three seasons: nine movie-length telecasts in total, along with a short piece bridging the second and third seasons.

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