Give peace a chance

Last year's Tony-winning play "Oslo" presented a highly dramatized version of how diplomats from Israel and Palestine came close to finding peace in the Middle East during the early 1990s. "The Oslo Diaries" is a more straightforward documentary about that moment in history, although the re-enactments of the top-secret meetings are so realistic that they feel a little dishonest. Still, the filmmakers' hearts are in the right place.

7 p.m., HBO

A slice of heaven

"The Good Place," one of the few network TV sitcoms worth raving about, offers newbies a chance to catch up with four carefully chosen repeats from Season 2. Ted Danson and Maya Rudolph both got well-earned Emmy nominations, but it's too bad there was no love for star Kristen Bell, who has never gotten an Emmy nod, not even for her time as "Veronica Mars."

Anything is possible

It's completely understandable if you want to take a break from politics, but "Hubert Humphrey: The Art of the Possible" still feels like a diversion compared with the bickering pundits who have taken over cable news. This 2010 documentary is a fitting tribute to the Minnesota institution, with commentary from Jimmy Carter, Walter Mondale, Bill Moyers and Tom Hayden.

8 p.m., TPT Life

Neal Justin