Journey to the moon men

Lady Gaga wears an outfit made completely of cauliflower, Adele warbles "Rolling in the Deep" for the 3 millionth time and some famous woman makes out with Britney Spears. It's all part of what we expect from the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards (8 p.m. Sunday, MTV).

Presidential diary

Whatever your political leanings, you won't want to miss "George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview" (9 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic Channel), in which the former president speaks firsthand about his feelings and actions on one of the darkest days in U.S. history.

The end of the world

In "Livin' for the Apocalypse" (9 p.m. Sunday, TLC), four people explain why they think the world will end in 2012 -- unless this special turns into a regular series. Then the doomsday gang is willing to believe in an extension.

Salute to screwball

Carole Lombard's death at age 33 robbed us of seeing more of her sensational comic timing. Fortunately, the actress kept busy enough to easily fill a 24-hour marathon. If you only have time for a few, go with "Twentieth Century" (3:30 p.m. Sunday, TCM), "To Be or Not to Be" (5:15 p.m.), "Nothing Sacred" (10:30 p.m.) and "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (midnight).