Antoine Winfield Jr. is a nice recruiting get for the Gophers football program, but it's not going to help me feel any better that an ex-Vikings player who is younger than me is about to have a son playing college football.


I'd like to start a petition to make it illegal for the Wild and Timberwolves to play on the same night more than a certain percentage of times in a year. It's happening again Tuesday: Nuggets at Wolves (7 p.m., FSN), Canucks at Wild (7 p.m., FSN-plus).


"It'll be interesting to see who Tracy Claeys hires as offensive coordinator. He had to give Seth Green some hints about the direction he plans to go."

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"I've tweeted all day that he's a HOF if the plaque is honest. Just recognize there's proof he gambled as a player."

Jayson Stark, ESPN baseball writer, on Pete Rose.