If it seems like Teddy Bridgewater is throwing a lot of checkdown passes, the numbers back it up. In his past five games, he has completed 89 passes — 32 of them to wide receivers, 57 of them to tight ends, running backs and fullbacks.


It's been feast or famine when it comes to sports on TV lately. Tuesday, well, it isn't exactly a feast. But that's an opportunity to check out the Red Wings vs. Capitals, two of the top teams in the NHL's Eastern Conference. 6 p.m., NBCSN.


"Over 1,000 comments. We Vikings fans like it when they win, but we love talking about it when they lose."

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"Just got confused I was in the wrong town for wrong game. The #penguins are in the lobby of my hotel. Arrived in Denver early for Wed. game."