An area of disturbed weather in the Bay of Bengal is on the verge ofbecoming a Tropical Cyclone. Showers and thunderstorms are widespread fromacross the entire Bay. Atmospheric conditions are favorable for development.Once the tropical cyclone forms, its expected to move slowly north towardsBangladesh. It is hard to say if it will reach hurricane-strength before makinglandfall. But, heavy rains seem likely across BanladeshBangladesh is extremely susceptible to storm surges from tropical cyclones.

The deadliest storms in world history have hit Bangladesh. A cyclone in 1970killed as many as 500,000 people. Cyclones in 1991 and 1997 each left 150,000people dead. Fortunately, this this cyclone is not expected to be nearly asstrong as these past cyclones.

Flooding is also expected to affect eastern India and Myanmar. Rains havealready began across these areas. Due to the slow movement of the cyclone,heavy rains could continue into Tuesday or Wednesday.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel