Charging smartphones is a daily chore, often multiple times a day. And we're often in a rush.

So what if you could charge your devices in a third of the time? That is what you get with Anker's new PowerPort III ($53), a twin-port, 60-watt charger and the tiny but powerful single-port, 20-watt PowerPort III Nano ($17), along with new Anker Powerline charging cables.

In 30 minutes of charging, starting with a battery at zero, the Nano will bring the battery up to 53% while Apple's original 5-watt charger only gets you to 17%. And they're the same size.

Anker's PowerIQ 3.0 technology ensures perfect compatibility with virtually all mobile devices including phones, tablets, smartwatches, charging earbuds and USB-C laptops. A full list of compatible devices on the Anker site includes devices from Apple, Samsung and others.

The new PowerLine III fast-charging cables in USB-C to Apple Lightning ($20, 3 feet) and USB-C to USB-C ($18, 6 feet) are designed for efficiency and work in both the dual port and single port charger. Various sizes are available and all are constructed with quadruple bulletproof fiber cores, enabling them to withstand as many as 25,000 bends. (

GREGG ELLMAN, Tribune News Service