2011-2012 SEASON

When ranked by base pay for musicians, the Minnesota Orchestra would move from 8th to 18th among other U.S. orchestras if the current contract proposal is adopted.

1. Chicago Symphony Orchestra$144,040

2. Los Angeles Philharmonic$143,260

3. San Francisco Symphony$141,700

4. New York Philharmonic$134,940

5. Boston Symphony$132,028

6. National Symphony$126,984

7. Cleveland Orchestra$120,120

8. Minnesota Orchestra$111,566

9. Philadelphia Orchestra$108,750

10. Pittsburgh Symphony$100,110

11. Cincinnati Symphony$96,730

12. Dallas Symphony$90,814

13. Houston Symphony$82,160

14. Atlanta$81,640

15. St. Louis Symphony$80,680 (43-week season)

16. Detroit Symphony$79,000 (40-week season)

17. Indianapolis Symphony$78,000

18. Baltimore Symphony$65,000

19. Utah Symphony$59,000

20. San Diego Symphony$57,708 (42-week season)

Notes: Salary figures are for base pay; principals and veteran musicians earn more. Several orchestras on the list are in the midst of labor talks that could change their ranking. All salaries based on 52-week season unless noted.

Source: International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians.