This is our annual top 20 home inspection photos compilation. All of these images were featured on our facebook page over the last year. Enjoy!

Hop on in, the water's warm

Clogged dryer terminal, one-year-old home - Roofs are a terrible place for clothes dryer terminals, but it's downright dangerous when there's a screen cover installed at the terminal. Screens should never be installed at dryer terminals. If you notice that your clothes dryer gets your clothes really hot but doesn't dry them well, check out the terminal at the exterior. This would explain it.

We're missing a window - A basement window was covered over when the basement was finished, but the opening was never insulated. An infrared scan of the wall made this easy to see.

Fido had beef with the p-trap

Dirtiest filter ever

Pantyhose dryer duct - we've seen plenty of pantyhose used as a lint filter at the washing machine discharge, but never as a substitute for a clothes dryer exhaust duct.

Another use for hockey pucks

Interior gutter

Mow your roof

Paint around the couch

Plumbing vent + patio = bad combination

Smashed downspout

Temporary electric service (we hope)

Neutral eating tree (Nom nom nom...)

Three bath fans, one plumbing vent terminal

Waste not, want not (tomato can repurposed)

Undermined foundation

This home flipper puts the "lazy" in Lazy Susan - That's the water line for the new refrigerator passing through the Lazy Susan.

Major chimney repairs needed

How to prevent your cat from loitering (and possibly from using the litter box at all)

Bad day for Sally the Squirrel

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Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections

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