This is always my favorite blog post of the year, featuring our best home inspection photos from the past 12 months. Click on any of the photos for a large version. Enjoy!

Planning for emergencies

Flat roof / chimney combo Chimneys and flat roofs are notorious for leaks. Someone managed to combine the two here. While this image looks photoshopped, it's not. I just blurred out the surrounding scenery to keep the location anonymous.

Roof Mullet Again, no editing was done here. I just blurred out the surrounding scenery.

Hack wiring, right out in the open

Who needs beams?

Dr. Seuss's handiwork


More duct tape repairs.

Those paint cans better come with the house.

I have no idea...

Backboard magnifying glass Check out what the backboard did to the shingles right behind it. Crazy, right?

Bad planning. This microwave door is open as wide as it will go because it binds on the wall. Yes, this was a flipped house.

More home flipper stuff (zero pride)

More bad planning

I've got a fever...

Plumbing vent flashing used inside the attic Someone didn't know how to connect the corrugated duct for a bathroom exhaust fan to the roof cap, so they used a piece of flashing for a plumbing vent.

Don't worry. It was toe-nailed on the other side too ;-)

Valley trees (like, omg!)

Re-purposed shower rods

The multi-tasker's dream bathroom

You don't need to know what nice work looks like to know that this ain't it.

Tuckcaulking Every mortar joint is filled with caulk.

Perfect fit.

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Happy New Year!

Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections