Gov. Mark Dayton started his day meeting behind closed doors with Republican legislative leaders in an attempt to break the massive logjam over the state's budget. Announcements likely (from both sides) later. Stay tuned.

Dayton scheduled a ceremonial bill signing at midday, after which he planned to take questions from the Capitol press corps.

The bill he's signing modifies the felony crime of fleeing a peace officer, expanding the definition to include individuals who flee by foot. It stems from the death of Minneapolis Parks Police Officer Mark Bedard, who was hit by a car and killed while chasing a suspect on foot.  

After vetoing the twin bills that will redistrict Minnesota's congressional and legislative boundaries for the next decade, Dayton is waiting for the Legislature's budget bills to land on his desk, where he plans to veto them.

Both chambers of the Legislature were gaveling to order Friday morning, with it being anybody's guess what's next on their respective platters, given how much work is left to be done with only four days left in the session.