A wintry mix will move into the mid-Atlantic this morning, delaying travel andclosing schools over the next couple of days. Problems will begin early todayacross higher elevations of western Pennsylvania which could get a slippery icymix for the morning commute.As the day rolls on, snow will develop in western New York, causing problemsaround lunch time in Buffalo and slowing the evening commute in Syracuse andBinghamton. Areas from Williamsport to Scranton and Allentown will also have aslower afternoon commute as travelers will have to deal with some lightaccumulations of snow or even ice.

A major portion of the Interstate-95 corridor will remain in decent shapetoday, with just a little rain for Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimoreduring the afternoon hours.

Tuesday, even more problems could occur as most areas west of I-95 will havesome form of wintry precipitation.

Story by AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Eric Reese.