the path to bankruptcy

May 2013

New law in Minnesota

Creates three-year window to file sex abuse lawsuits previously barred by statute of limitations.

May 2013

First lawsuit filed

By a John Doe 1, in Ramsey District Court.

Sept. 2013

Whistle- blower

Ex-archdiocese canon lawyer Jennifer Haselberger reveals evidence that church officials overlooked sexual misconduct.

Oct. 2013

More victims

St. Paul police ask clergy abuse victims to come forward.

Nov. 2013

The accused

Archbishop John Nienstedt says he will release a partial list of accused priests.

Dec. 2013

The full list

Ramsey County judge orders archdiocese to release full list of credibly accused priests. The names of 34 are published.

April 2014

Nienstedt deposition

Archbishop Nienstedt gives court deposition on clergy abuse, during which he says, "I believe that we felt that we could monitor the situation without making a total disclosure to the people."

Sept. 2014

Criminal charges weighed

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi says criminal charges are unlikely in 10 decades-old alleged priest abuse cases.

Oct. 2014

Settlement reached

Archdiocese and victims' attorney reach landmark settlement on how abuse cases will be handled.

Nov. 2014


Archdiocese acknowledges it is considering bankruptcy. CFO Tom Mertens says: "Reorganization under the bankruptcy code would be a way to respond to all victims … not just those who have the earliest trial dates or settlements."

Nov. 2014

Insurance lawsuit

Archdiocese sues 20 insurance companies to force them to pay abuse expenses.

Jan. 2015

Bankruptcy declared

Archdiocese files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. "I make this decision because I believe it is the fairest and most helpful recourse for those victims/survivors who have made claims against us," Nienstedt writes..