1902: George Draper Dayton’s six-story building opens, with Goodfellow’s store as the primary tenant.

1903: Dayton buys out his Goodfellow’s partners, renames it Dayton’s Daylight Store, later the Dayton Co.

1904: Tearoom opens on June 1 on the store’s fourth floor. The restaurant, done up in shades of white and red, was designed by Harry Wild Jones, architect of what is now Butler Square. “All manner of dainties are to be served in the most approved style,” said the Minneapolis Tribune.

1909: Soda fountain opens in the new Downstairs Store (Dayton’s genteel moniker for “bargain basement”).

1913: In-store candy kitchen opens.

1926: Dayton family’s Boulder Bridge Farm on Lake Minnetonka begins supplying the store with cream and milk.

1937: Tearooms relocate to the newly opened seventh floor and expand to include the Main Diningroom, Dinette, Lounge and Men’s Grill.

1947: Sky Room, Men’s Oak Grill and the Tiffin cafeteria debut on the newly opened 12th floor. 

1968: The Oak Grill and Sky Room apply for liquor licenses. Although the Women’s Christian Temperance Union cried out in protest, the applications were quickly approved.

1969: For the first time, women are permitted entry to the Oak Grill without a male escort. “Men’s” is removed from the restaurant’s name.

1970s: Crêpe de Nicollet opens on the second floor. Crown & Anchor cafeteria opens across the street in Dayton-owned LaSalle Court. Byerly’s Pantry, a small gourmet grocery, opens on the main floor.

1982: Yogurt Express introduces newfangled soft-serve frozen yogurt to fourth-floor shoppers.

1984: Forward-thinking Marketplace (now Signature Kitchen) opens in the remade basement.

1987: A Sky Room renovation also tweaks the name, to Skyroom.

1990: Frango Mints appear at the candy counter, imported from Marshall Field’s, the company’s new Chicago acquisition.

2001: Dayton’s becomes Marshall Field’s.

2006: Marshall Field’s becomes Macy’s.

2017: Macy’s announces the store’s closing. The last day for the Oak Grill, Skyroom and Signature Kitchen is Jan. 27.