Q How long can we expect turkey leftovers to last?

A Not a week in the refrigerator, that's for sure!

If you still have Thanksgiving leftovers -- turkey, stuffing, gravy -- in the refrigerator, toss them out. These leftovers are good for two days in the refrigerator, assuming you get them refrigerated as soon as possible after the meal.

If you want longer storage, freeze the leftovers. Be sure to freeze right away, not after two days in the refrigerator. Frozen leftovers are best used within one month after freezing.

Use freezer wrap or freezer containers. Otherwise, circulating air in the freezer will create freezer burn -- white dried-out patches on the surface of food that make it tough and tasteless. Use heavy-duty aluminum foil, freezer paper, or zip-closure freezer bags for best results. Do not leave air space. Squeeze excess air from freezer bags and fill rigid freezer containers to the top with dry foods. Leave 1 inch of head space in containers with liquid and 1/2 inch in containers with semisolids. Don't forget to label and date packages and use the oldest ones first.

University of Illinois Extension

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