With the Timberwolves headed to the playoffs this weekend, there's reason to celebrate.

Timberwolves executive chef David Fhima, who works with Levy Restaurants to oversee concessions at Target Center, is making sure that celebratory feeling comes across in the postseason menu, too.

While courtside seats and premium clubs are getting new high-end dishes to match the price, including a made-to-order wagyu and lobster tail surf and turf, even regular concessions get a glitzy boost. Surf and turf nachos, amped-up hot dogs with gourmet toppings, and a smoked beef rib are among the offerings.

There's more. Fhima has partnered with local chefs to elevate things even further. Marc Heu Patisserie is providing two-bite desserts for premium ticket holders. Chefs Ann Kim and Ann Ahmed are each behind a dish that will be available at all concessions — Kim's Korean barbecue ribs, Ahmed's chicken curry and rice.

"He's the center of gravity," Heu said of Fhima. "Everybody gravitates toward him."

"I'm bringing anybody I can to make me look good," Fhima said with a laugh.

Especially for the out-of-towners who come in for the games, "I want to show them how good Minneapolis is" by introducing them to his fellow chefs, Fhima said. "It's a matter of pride."

While Target Field has been improving food options at Twins games for years by adding more local restaurant tie-ins, other sports venues have been slower to follow suit. Fhima is trying to change that, at least at Target Center.

"I want this to be normal," Fhima said. "You wouldn't go to a good restaurant and expect bad food. Why would you go to a game, which is five times more expensive than a restaurant, and expect it to be bad?"

The goal has been to capture the dining dollars of customers who typically go out to eat before a game, said Jake Vernon, senior vice president for ticket sales and service for the Minnesota Timberwolves.

The improvement of concessions even comes to the detriment of Fhima's namesake restaurant, just blocks from the arena, which has seen pregame reservations fall since Fhima started working with the Wolves. But the postgame crowd, he added is "10 times better."

New on the Timberwolves' postseason menu (prices not available)

General public concessions:

• Ann Kim's Korean barbecue ribs

• Ann Ahmed's chicken curry and rice

• Champion Rib: smoked beef rib with bourbon barbecue sauce glaze, chives and gold leaf

• Wolves Bite Back: gochujang glazed fried chicken breast and Sriracha slaw on toasted waffles with bacon-wrapped jalapeños

• Surf & Turf Nachos: house-fried tortilla chips with blackened sirloin, lobster queso, diced jalapeños, lettuce and tomatoes

• Superior Shore Dog: beer-braised brat, spicy mustard, sweet pickle aioli

• Twin Harbors Dog: bacon-wrapped hot dog, chopped lettuce, tomatoes, garlic aioli

• Nordic Dog: all-beef hot dog, chopped corned beef, spicy mustard, sauerkraut

• Juicy Lucy Dog: American cheese-stuffed hot dog, aioli, lettuce, tomatoes

• A selection of cocktails

Lexus Courtside and Chairman Clubs:

• Lobster and wagyu surf and turf

• Marc Heu Patisserie desserts: opera cake, vanilla choux, passion fruit raspberry tart, pistachio éclair, tropezienne

• A selection of wines