Frasier Fir, meet Volcano.

The woodsy, floral scents from Minneapolis-based Thymes have merged with Mississippi-based DPM Fragrance, maker of Aspen Bay and Capri Blue brands.

The deal happened in February and the combined company was renamed Curio in August.

"We're OK with the consumer not knowing," said Anne Sempowski Ward, chief executive of Curio and former leader of Thymes. "Nothing is changing about the Thymes brand and nothing is changing about Aspen Bay or Capri Blue."

After a major investment by Castanea Partners, RCP, Stanfield Capital and Northstar in 2014, the intent was to grow the Thymes brand, Ward said. "The merger makes us a significant player near the top of the list in the category of prestige bath, body and home fragrance market," she said.

Calling it a merger rather than acquisition, Ward called Thymes and DPM two growing companies that combined from a position of strength.

Curio employs 500 people and no one was laid off due to the merger. Thymes will maintain its Minneapolis office and DPM will keep its Starkville, Miss., office.

Although the umbrella company name changes to Curio, the three retail brands will keep their original names and packaging on the three brands.

The privately held company didn't release revenue figures for the brands but DPM has been named to the Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest-growing brands for the last five years.

Ward said the merger came about because the brands are so complementary. "Thymes is strong in bath and body and seasonal with Frasier Fir. We've been a market leader in those segments," she said. "Capri Blue and Aspen Bay are strong with everyday home fragrances that aren't seasonal."

The combination of seasonal powerhouses such as Frasier Fir and an everyday bestseller such as Volcano by Capri Blue give Curio a well-rounded portfolio.

Rick Haase, co-owner of Patina gift shops with seven Twin Cities locations, has sold all three brands in his stores before they merged. "Both companies are strong lines. The brands work together in different store environments. We don't put them in the same areas," he said.

While all three brands sell candles, the Aspen Bay and Capri Blue lines are almost exclusively candles without venturing into soaps, diffusers, lotions, sprays and perfumes as Thymes does.

DPM Fragrance began in 1999 in Starkville. Its soy wax candles are known for signature scents, such as Volcano and Aloha Orchid, that are found in Anthropologie and other specialty retailers.

Thymes was founded in Minneapolis in 1982. Its products are sold in more than 5,000 specialty retail locations in the U.S. and 18 other countries.

Its popular warehouse sale held in the fall draws thousands of customers for items discounted 50 to 75 percent. Ward said the sale will be held this fall but dates and location are to be determined.

Bargain hunters should expect about the same amount of merchandise as last year with little, if any, of the Aspen Bay or Capri Blue lines to make it to this sale. "They have a tent sale in Mississippi that's about the same size as our sale," Ward said.