The way people are fretting over Thanksgiving plans, you'd think a massive blizzard was in the forecast.

Nope, it's an 11:30 a.m. Minnesota Vikings game. What's a Minnesotan to do? 

OK, so many of us don't eat our turkey until later in the day anyways. But a good number of Minnesotans do plan Thanksgiving dinner mid-day. And this Vikings game is throwing a wrench in the planning.

When will we cook? When will we eat? Will the TV be on?

We conducted a super scientific Twitter poll to see how the game is impacting when people are going to eat their Thanksgiving meal.

Look at that fan devotion: Minnesotans willing to starve until after the game is over. Bravo!

Special kudos to the fans willing to stuff their faces in the 15 or so minutes at halftime. Skol!