There have already been three no-hitters in MLB this season (two solo, one combined), so this must be a trend related to high strikeout rates, right? Well, not exactly. Strikeouts have been climbing for years, but there was just one no-hitter in each of 2016 and 2017. Maybe it's just cyclical?


It's been feast or famine for Twins pitcher Jose Berrios this season. The Twins are hoping for the former as they try to keep a very strong road trip going against the Angels (9 p.m., FS1).


"This is where they draw the line? How about some players hiking pants to knees exposing much hosiery while others drag them on their shoes, showing no socks? That's where we miss the uniform concept."

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"It's still early, but you know what? It's not *that* early. The Astros & Rangers played game 39 today. That's nearly one-quarter of the schedule in the books. There's enough baseball to have been played that a lot of what you see isn't just 'small sample' anymore."