If you're Eli Manning, are you rooting for your brother Peyton to win another Super Bowl — thus tying you at two titles apiece? Or are you secretly hoping the Panthers win so that you are alone at the top?


It's a showdown of teams ranked in the Associated Press top 10 when Iowa takes on Maryland in men's basketball (6 p.m., ESPN). These could be the teams to beat in the Big Ten.


"The Gophers [women's basketball team] started out low energy — they believed their own press clippings about the blowout at Illinois. This is a good scare for them to have."

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"My #TwinsCaravan goal is to find a way to be cool enough for #15 to hit the Follow button at the end. Wish me luck! I will keep you posted!"

Kyle Gibson, at the start of a quest to get Glen Perkins to follow him.