It's pretty hard to mess up a post-season middle school football party, one would think. Find some parents with a nice big house and see if they can host? Check out a local arcade or bowling alley, giving everyone a built-in activity? Or even just go out for pizza after the final game.

Or, if you coach at Corbett Middle School in Oregon, you take the kids to Hooters.

And you lose your job. Per the Oregonian:

Corbett Middle School football coach Randy Burbach, who planned an end-of-the-year team party at Hooters, said Tuesday that he believes he, his brother and his son won’t be allowed back as coaches.

Burbach, a volunteer, said he considers himself and his assistants fired after the district athletic director sent parents a letter Monday telling them that the end-of-season party at Hooters was not condoned by school administrators. Athletic director J.P. Soulagnet wrote parents that he “cannot further support them in coaching roles here at Corbett based on the unwillingness to change the location of this event to a more appropriate spot.”

Burbach said he has no plans to cancel the party but will support players and families who opt not to attend. Those who objected -- some parents have said they won't let their children attend an event at the chain restaurant, where waitresses serve chicken wings and other pub food while wearing tight tank tops -- haven't contacted him, he said.

“I still do not feel what has been done is wrong,” he said. “I feel the restaurant, in my opinion, is an OK venue.

Having once been a middle schooler, we can say unequivocally that the party would have been AWESOME. That said, now as an adult, we unfortunately know the difference between awesome and inappropriate. And let's face it, having a bunch of 12-14 year-old boys out to a restaurant that is few pieces of orange fabric away from being a strip club is just not the best idea.

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