The Timberwolves haven't had a player like Michael Beasley since ... well ... have they ever?

He's listed at 6-foot-10 but plays like a small forward. Scoring-wise, he certainly seems like he's at his best when he's either squaring up and shooting or slashing to the basket. But he can still play minutes at power forward and deliver close to double-digit rebounds depending on the matchups.

One game doesn't make a complete believer out of us, but last night's 42-point effort in a victory over Sacramento does at least reinforce the potential Beasley has in this offense and within himself. We missed a good portion of his early work -- the 18 points in the first 10 minutes -- but what we saw was impressive enough.

He hoisted 31 shots, but he didn't seem to be forcing things (and when you make 17 of them for a 55 percent night, nobody is going to complain). On a night when Kevin Love drifted in and out of the rotation, and during a stretch where the Wolves are missing some other potential scorers due to injury (Jonny Flynn, Luke Ridnour, Martell Webster), Beasley is the guy. And, frankly, even when everyone is healthy, Beasley is the one who should develop into the go-to player for this team. It will be interesting to see if that happens -- and how badly he wants it.

Couple other NBA/Wolves thoughts:

*A few folks on Twitter last night don't quite understand our distaste for the point guard stylings of Sebastian Telfair. We will say that Bassy performed functionally in some regards last night and shot the ball well. We will also note that as a No. 3 point guard, we like him just fine. But his defense continues to be suspect (at best), and we're not quite sure how a point guard plays 40 minutes and gets one assist (even in the modified triangle or whatever we're calling the Wolves' offensive system).

*KG: Getting ripped on again, this time by Joakim Noah.

*For Rocket and Marthaler: Do you believe in the Wild?

Any thoughts on Beasley's big game, KG vs. Noah, irrational (or rational) dislikes of certain players and, we suppose, the local NHL team's nice start in the comments.

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