Jarryd McNeil

The Australian is a fan favorite in the best whip event. The 26-year-old can perform a whip (a trick where a rider jumps a ramp, attempts to whip his back tire 180 degrees away from the ramp and straighten it before landing) in both directions and has won gold in the event the past two years.

Jared Mees

The 31-year-old Pennsylvania native won gold in last year's flat-track race and is the defending American Motorcyclist Association Pro Flat-Track champion. He nearly won gold in the 2015 flat-track race before mechanical issues dropped him from the lead to 11th place during the final lap.

Jackson Strong

Nicknamed "Jacko," for his wild style, this 26-year-old Australian was the first to land a frontflip in motocross competition when he did it in 2011. He has won best trick gold three times — including last year when he landed a frontflip, yet again, on his first attempt in the finals.