If it ain't broke, don't rebrand it. Maybe Uber had some super-secret data that said people hated its logo, and were confused because the big U could stand for an app that delivers Underwear. Even so, this seems an odd choice.

That says absolutely nothing. On the other hand, there's animation when you open the app! No more throwing your phone on the ground because you wanted to order a car but THERE WASN'T ANY ANIMATION FIRST. Wired has the whole story here, and I mean "whole story." It's interminable. 

GADGETS Coffee-pod sales are down. WaPo:

On Monday, Keurig, which dominates the U.S. market for both coffee pods and coffee pod machines, announced that it sold 7 percent fewer machines during the holidays than it had the year before, the sixth straight quarter in which unit sales fell. The news was particularly disappointing given how crucial the holiday season is for the company.

Possible reasons: like tablets, people like the one they have and there's no reason to replace it, because it isn't broken. The article notes that people hated Keurig's 2.0 machines, which forbade second-party pods. (They changed their mind last May.)

The article cites the recession as the reason pod sales had been up, and says our "fatter wallets" are the reason sales are down now. Did anyone ever think "I feel less economically secure than before. I'll buy this $12 box of single-serv coffee pods"?

WORKIf you ever did a stint as a pearl diver you know it's hot, damp, disgusting work. It's one thing to look at all those plates of mangled food; it's another thing to touch them. Even oven mitts would feel too thin. Well, now an IKEA dishwasher has come forward to blow the lid off working conditions. The article's title: Being a Dishwasher at IKEA Is Everyone’s Worst Nightmare. Vice:

I don’t look back at my working days in college with a smile on my face. It’s quite the opposite: They invoke feelings of horror and dread. Until last year, I washed dishes two days a week for four years in the dish pit at IKEA. When I worked two days, or 18 hours, I sometimes worked ten-hour shifts, which included an hour-long break. It wasn’t too bad, because in two days, I made the same amount that most of my friends had to work four days of work for. We weren’t always open on Sundays, but when we were, my wage was doubled all day long.

The horror. It gets worse.

When I first started the job, I tried to have some fun by spraying co-workers with water from the sinks, or starting up food fights. Those Swedish meatballs have the perfect size and shape for throwing. I noticed very quickly that the dish pit is where fun goes to die.

Two days a week in which one earned a week's wage but had to deal with dead fun. However did they compensate? "One thing we did to escape the endless boredom was smoking weed." Oh.

Reminder: "Being a Dishwasher at IKEA Is Everyone’s Worst Nightmare."

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VotD Not every country's building codes requires handrails, it seems.