A third Minnesotan has died from a salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupe, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

More than 300 people in 42 states have been sickened since the illnesses were first reported in late October. There have been four fatalities, three in Minnesota and one in Oregon.

The CDC says the true number of cases is likely much higher and more widespread. Many people recover without seeking medical care, and it can take up to a month to tie an illness to an outbreak.

Nationwide, 129 people have been hospitalized. Minnesota has the most reported cases with 26, and Wisconsin has 22, according to the CDC.

Several brands of precut and whole cantaloupe have been recalled since Nov. 17 because of the ongoing outbreak.

Salmonella is a bacterial infection that can cause diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. It can take a few days or a week to recover, and some cases can be serious and require medical attention.