Minnesota’s live video of a nesting eagle isn’t production much activity at the moment, incubation being what it is. There is occasional egg-turning. More action to come, when the three eggs hatch. See it at http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/features/webcams/eaglecam/index.html


More action can be found at a Florida nest where a six-pound chick sat today with one of its parents. Nothing too exciting, but the birds move around. Feeding apparently occurs at night, and the cameras offer night images. There is only one juvenile in the nest at the moment, a sibling being cared for indoors for a reason I could not find. The adults are Romeo and Juliet, and juveniles Hope and Peace.


Find the Florida site and dozens more at viewbirds.com. Not all of the cameras are on right now, but many are. I watched nesting hummingbirds, puffins, hawks, and owls as well as the eagles. The cameras are located throughout the world. 


Cornell Lab of Ornithology has links at cams.allaboutbirds.org

The Ontariol site, one of the Cornell links, often has beautiful grosbeak views.


For feeder cams, check:





Here are one of the parents and one of its chicks in the Florida nest.