The brains ("Brains...") behind the annual Zombie Pub Crawl have announced this year's date as Oct. 8 (4 p.m.-2 a.m.). Bigger news: The spawning will expand into St. Paul. This year, the massive crawl will run amok at two locations -- Minneapolis' West Bank and St. Paul's Lowertown. More than 10,000 bloody, beer-guzzling people participated last year.

Zombies... lurching. Photo by Jim Gehrz.

Organizers are holding a naming contest (last year's was called ZPC VI: It Just Won't Die!). To submit a name, follow the ZPC on Twitter here. Suggest a name using the hashtag #ZPC7 and retweet. The winning name will get 10 free tickets to the crawl.

The ZPC has been retweeting some of its early favorites, like this one from Twitter user @kharisma: "A Terror of Two Cities -- It was the best of brains, it was the worst of brains."

As usual, you can expect a long line up of DJs, bands and block parties to entertain the undead during the crawl this October.

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