Stop what you're doing for a minute and tell us your thoughts about coach Mike Zimmer's decision not to play Teddy Bridgewater against the Seahawks.

Approach it from whatever angle you want:

**Do you think that coach Mike Zimmer owes Vikings fans more of a reason that he simply didn't want to play Bridgewater?

**Do you think benching Bridgewater against a quality opponent kept the Vikings from getting answers to questions about Bridgewater that have been one of the hot topics of training camp?

**Do you have concerns about whether Shaun Hill and/or Joel Stave are capable back-ups to Bridgewater?

**What else?

And then click here and vote in our poll about whether you're satisfied with Zimmer's answer to the questions about Bridgewater after Thursday's 18-11 victory over the Seahawks.

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