This is the most hypnotic, ugly, mesmerizing, sad, and oddly beautiful thing you may see today. Well, this afternoon. Daily Dot:

When web hosting service GeoCities was shuttered in 2009, it marked the death of over 38 million websites ranging from personal to downright weird. Those relics of the Web finally have the resting place they deserve: Cameron's World.

The site serves as a Web collage as well as a living eulogy to the bygone era of Internet individualism that was embodied by GeoCities.  

It’s not just the world’s most complete collection of animated GIFs, it’s a repository of abandoned sites, thanks to a browser emulator that pulls up archived versions of long-abandoned sites. Ugly? That’s a matter of opinion.

Since most people's eyes are now attuned to the very clean and minimalist designs of the modern Web, scrolling through the unearthed slabs of misaligned text, poorly made graphics, and abundance of hit counters would be like browsing the circles of Web design hell. Askin doesn't see it that way. "There’s a real rawness to the design of the Web pages," he explained. "I think users were less critical of Websites and creators had a less polished approach.”

That's true, but it doesn't argue against the hellishness of the design. Some of us were trying to make nice clean sites back in 1999, and didn't have blood-dripping skulls or eternally laboring Under Construction workers. In retrospect, it all looks like a new medium was designed entirely by ten-year-olds.