By now, you've heard that the Tennessee Titans claimed Randy Moss off waivers. The Titans are 5-3 and were No. 22 in the NFL's waiver claim order, meaning no team among the first 21 wanted him. Pro Football Talk -- per the NFL Network -- notes that it goes a step further: the Titans were the ONLY team in the NFL to put in a waiver claim on Moss.

If there is one organizational non-player you can feel bad for in this entire mess of a season (there are certainly players to feel bad for, including Adrian Peterson at the top of the list), it is owner Zygi Wilf. Most would agree he's been a great owner -- open checkbook, wants to win, etc. As unhappy as he reportedly was with the way the Moss cut was handled, can you imagine how Zygi would have felt this afternoon if he'd been on the hook for another $3.4 million -- which the Vikings would have been had Moss gone unclaimed?

So on behalf of Zygi: Thank you, Tennessee. You're the only thing standing between disaster and catastrophe in this entire Moss Part II era.