Reduced to schadenfreude as we unfortunately so often are, we point you readers to the sudden scuffling going on with the Milwaukee Brewers.

Per the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Prince Fielder merely stated the obvious to TBS for a piece that will air Sunday. The timing, however ...

"I'm signed for this year, but being real about it, it is probably the last year," Fielder told Anderson.

Referring to the slugging tandem he has formed with leftfielder Ryan Braun, Fielder said, "It's been great. Unfortunately, this is probably the last year of the one-two punch. . . . Hopefully, we can go out with a blast."

Asked Wednesday night about that interview, Fielder said, "That's exactly what I said. I mean, you guys said it last year. It's probably (the last year). It is what it is."

"They asked me a question. It's the same thing I've been saying."

Also, Francisco Rodriguez is not happy that he isn't being given any chances to close games. Whining about it is clearly the way to fix all that, as we all know. And it's not like the Brewers have a shaky Matt Capps-esque situation going on in the closer spot. John Axford has converted 39 consecutive saves.

But if any of this helps the Brewers go meekly in the playoffs, thus ensuring Wisconsin doesn't have both the Super Bowl and World Series champion -- a situation that would cause sports as we know them to collapse into a singularity -- then we have to say, "Bravo, men!"