This seems like it was ripped straight from the pages of The Onion. Alas, it all seems to be perfectly and scarily true. From

Lane Kiffin really is getting a jump on recruiting. No sooner had the Trojans new coach put the finishing touches on the Class of 2010 recruits, that he turned his attention to the Class of 2015. That's right, 2015.

Thursday evening Kiffin received a verbal commitment from 13-year old wunderkind quarterback David Sills of Bear, Del. Too young? Not according to his personal coach Steve Clarkson, who has mentored some of the game's best quarterbacks including current USC starter Matt Barkley. "His skill set is off the chart," Clarkson said. "I've never seen anyone at his age do what he's been able to do. ... He's already six feet as a 13-year old. And he's breaking down NFL footage."

Here's footage of him in action. In other words, here's a look at where we stand right now: