perkIt’s February, so it must be time for Bovada to set an underwhelming over-under win total for the Twins.

This year feels particularly familiar — so much so that we’re using the same dual image of Twins closer Glen Perkins to illustrate as we did a year ago.

Last year, Bovada put the Twins’ over-under win line at 70.5. We groused that it was too low and that the Twins would eclipse it by at least a handful of games. Then the season ended and Minnesota was right at 70. These guys in Vegas are pretty smart.

They’re so smart, we suppose, that they felt no need to come off that 70.5 number. That’s the exact same number Bovada has assigned to the 2015 Twins, which would mean despite the team’s attempts to upgrade its rotation with Ervin Santana, bolster the outfield/leadership with Torii Hunter and overhaul the organizational structure with a new manager and coaches, Vegas thinks the Twins are the same team relative to the rest of baseball that they were a year ago.

The game, of course, is not played on paper. And if we had to bet, we would be tempted, still, to take the over (even if it would have burned us last year). But again, these Vegas folks are pretty smart.

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