Terry Ryan highs and lows

Terry Ryan received much praise when his rebuilding effort produced four division titles in five seasons starting in 2002. He retired after 2007, came back before 2012 and failed to achieve similar success.


What went right (1994-2007)

• Players drafted and developed in the Twins system became key contributors to the team, such as Torii Hunter, Jacque Jones, Corey Koskie, Doug Mientkiewicz, Michael Cuddyer, Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau.

• Scored huge returns on trades, such as getting Eric Milton and Cristian Guzman for Chuck Knoblauch and Joe Nathan, Francisco Liriano and Boof Bonser for A.J. Pierzynski.

• Johan Santana, acquired in a trade of Rule 5 draft picks in December 1999, turned into a two-time Cy Young Award winner.

What went wrong (2012-2016)

• High-priced free-agent starting pitchers Ricky Nolasco, Ervin Santana and Phil Hughes have been disappointments.

• Pitching prospects Alex Meyer and Trevor May, obtained in trades, have failed to earn spots in the Twins rotation.

• Top prospects Byron Buxton, Jose Berrios and Eddie Rosario all got major league looks in 2016, but all three were sent back to the minors; Buxton and Rosario are back with the Twins now.