Fasolamatt feels as though we're done as a society. He explains here in The Commenter Talker Of the Day:


From today's McNewspaper:

Spice rack: ESPN hopes to hype records for its Green Bay-Minnesota game Monday night. Literally. ESPN, says spokesman Mike Soltys, will announce that on next Monday's broadcast of its ESPN2 SportsNation (5 p.m. ET), it will try to set a record for the most mentions of Brett Favre on a TV show — with Guinness World Records now looking for the current record. Some records should never be broken.

Also today, Bob Wolfley in the Milwaukee paper notes: "On Aug. 18, the day Favre's deal was announced, and during the following day, "Brett Favre" was used 452 times on TV in Minnesota."

Seriously, haven't we all suffered enough? Anyway, other records that ESPN is asking Guinness to look up include:

• Most [insert redactable adverb here] references to Derek Jeter in hoping he wins the AL MVP (Baseball Tonight)

• Most players misidentified in a college football broadcast (Pam Ward)

• Most games ignored of a big four sport (Hockey)

Did I miss any?

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