THE Traveler: Linda Sandell of Mounds View.

The scene: Workers in a field of sugar cane paused to watch the photographer and others in her group land a hot-air balloon near Luxor, Egypt.

Trip details: On this "trip of a lifetime," Sandell and her group were accompanied by a local travel guide and an Egyptologist. "We experienced all the historical sights in Cairo and Luxor, plus a cruise down the Nile River," she wrote in an e-mail. She traveled with the Kansas State Alumni Association, whose trips are run by AHI Travel of Chicago.

Why go?: Egypt "feels like another beautiful world when you go inside the ancient pyramids, tombs and mosques. It's incredible when your Egyptologist can read to you what the hieroglyphics on the walls say. Taking a cruise down the Nile River is a mixture of tradition, relaxation and luxury. Egypt is a culinary delight, too," Sandell wrote.

The photo: She used a Canon Powershot S95 set on auto. During the trip, she took hundreds of photos of pyramids, temples, mosques and sights along the Nile, but found this one best portrayed the locals. She added, "I think the photo captures the beauty of the sugar cane fields as well as the tough work of harvesting it. Earlier in downtown Cairo, I had enjoyed a popular sugar cane drink made to order in a small shop."

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