A bicycle manufacturer is recalling certain forks, the components that attach the wheels to the bicycle frame, because the forks could bend above the disk brake mount, causing the rider to fall.

Surly Bikes, of Bloomington, announced the recall on Tuesday, calling for customers who bought certain Surly Pugsley 100mm and 135mm forks to bring them to a Surly dealer for replacement or refund.

The 100mm recalled forks were sold individually, not pre-attached to a bicycle. They are black and have triple water-bottle mounts on each side, rack and fender mounts and have a stamped date code of 2012 03 20.

The 135mm forks were sold individually and as part of some 2013 model bicycles. They came in black, yellow and red and are stamped with date code of 2012 06 19.

The forks, imported from Tiawan, were sold nationwide from May 2012 to February 2013 for about $100 individually.

In that same period, assembled bikes with model number FM3110-3114, FM3175-79, BK 3110-14 or  BK3175-79 contained the affected parts and sold for about $1,750.

For more information, call 877-946-9333 or go online to www.surlybikes.com.

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