A vote to form a union at Surly Brewing Co.'s soon-to-be-closed brew hall failed by one vote, union representatives said Wednesday night.

The Minneapolis brewery's management had reached an agreement late last month with dissatisfied hospitality and kitchen staff to conduct a vote on whether the group will form a union.

Unite Here Local 17, which has been helping workers with their union push, on its official Twitter account said the vote did not pass.

"Today the vast majority of workers who voted in the election voted for the union," Local 17 said. "Sadly, our election agreement specified that to win we would need the majority of all workers, not just those who voted. We fell short of that by one vote."

Days after a group of Surly workers announced their intent to form a union due to pay issues and safety concerns, Surly owner Omar Ansari announced he would close the beer hall and adjacent pizza restaurant "indefinitely" on Nov. 2 due to a steep decline in revenue during the coronavirus pandemic.

The beer hall is closed until Oct. 13 after an employee tested positive for COVID-19 last weekend.

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