Ben Sexe is pretty content behind the Bogart’s doughnut counter in the IDS Center next to the ESPN pop-up studio.

“[On Monday], we sold 11 times more doughnuts than normal,” he said. The stand was supposed to close at 9 p.m., but “we were still here at 10:30 because there was a line.”

When the nightly live music starts on Nicollet Mall, he said, “it gets crazy here.”

Not so much for some skyway eateries, where workers say business is slow because many downtown employees are working from home this week or checking out Super Bowl activities over lunch.

“It’s usually bumper to bumper here,” said Lovelle Tims, who runs a shoe shine stand in the U.S. Bank Plaza building. “See that guy over there, he’s leaving early. Business is slow.”

Mary Lynn Smith