You probably know Karlito Towns as Karl-Anthony Towns’ invisible friend, discovered by Kentucky coach John Calipari during a practice last season when he noticed that his freshman star appeared to be talking to himself. Since then Karlito has, well, become something less than imaginary. Karlito came with Karl-Anthony to Minnesota after the draft. He has been on ESPN. He has his own Twitter handle, where he describes himself as the voice inside Karl-Anthony’s head “helping him take over the NBA.” He is now tweeting from Las Vegas, site of the NBA’s Summer League. Given that he has the ear of the NBA’s first overall draft pick, staff writer Kent Youngblood checked in with Karlito as the Wolves began summer league action.


Q You were at the draft with Karl-Anthony. Did his tailor make your suit?

A Karl and I both care a lot about style so we talked it through and decided that since I’m going to be wearing this outfit for my whole life, the pants and jacket would have to reflect our day-to-day style.


Q What are your expectations for Karl-Anthony Towns this season?

A Having known Karl-Anthony his entire life and knowing what he’s capable of and the work he puts into his craft each day, the sky is the limit. I’ve already started working out so I can hoist the ROY trophy when the time comes.


Q What has surprised you most about Minneapolis so far?

A I’m just surprised how quickly the team and fan base have accepted me. I knew they would love Karl-Anthony, but man, the love I get on social media and traveling around town is real.


Q How much should you be credited for Karl-Anthony’s success?

A  I am going to take credit for 10 percent of Karl’s success but he’s the one who put in the work. I really am just the voice in his head pushing him along, but he is the one who has a relentless drive for success.


Q Are you disappointed that you only have 4,000 Twitter followers compared to Karl-Anthony’s 103,000?

A I am not disappointed at all in my social following and quite pleased thus far. Just like Karl has work to do on the court, I have work to do to make sure to get my followers up! And, shameless plug, please follow me @Karlito_Towns!


Q Is it true you’re really a figment of John Calipari’s imagination?

A Who said that?


Q Will you be able to keep Karl-Anthony out of trouble in Vegas?

A Karl-Anthony is a good guy by nature. He’s not a troublemaker. If anything, I’ll be the one trying to explore everything and he will be telling me to stay focused!


Q Do you get a percentage of Karl-Anthony’s contract?

A Next question, please.


Q Do you ever talk to yourself?

A Yes, perhaps I should have my own version alter-ego? Thoughts?


Q Is “Harvey” one of your favorite movies?

A I have been known to catch it on Netflix here and there.