Suggested pre-competition script for high school teams from Sept. 14 through Sept. 22:

Announcer: "Please stand silently for a moment of reflection and respect. Words cannot express the tremendous grief our nation is experiencing over the tragedy of the past week. As a community and a nation, we are stunned. We mourn the tragic loss of lives and injuries, and our deepest sympathies go out to the victims, their families and friends. We commend the heroic actions and courage of the rescue workers, volunteers, and government officials. And, as we struggle to return to normalcy, we look to the wisdom of our national leaders who are resolved to not allow this event to change our way of life or restrict our freedoms.

"In the words of our congressional leaders, we the people of the United States will stand united as our nation begins the process of recovering.

"Please join me in a moment of silence ...

--For the innocent men, women and children who lost their lives on an airplane, at the World Trade Center, at the Pentagon, and on the streets of New York.

--For civil servants, firefighters, police officers, and military personnel who have dedicated and lost their lives protecting our safety, our freedom and our democracy.

--For the thousands of families and friends who wait in terror and grieve their loss.

--For those who are working tirelessly in the rescue effort.

--And for our national leaders who, in the coming days and weeks, will formulate our national response."

"Tonight we send a message to the world. We the people of the United States of America stand united as a community and a nation celebrating democracy in the land of the free and the home of the brave."