The Vikings are without Stefon Diggs today, a major blow for a team lacking reliable offensive weapons.

I still think the Vikings win today, based on nothing other than years of watching the Detroit Lions.

The Lions are 6-4 and Matthew Stafford has played extremely well (see my column today). They have also trailed in all 10 fourth quarters. They are also the Detroit Lions.

Vikings DNA requires the franchise to lose big games in the postseason.

Lions DNA requires the franchise to lose big games in the regular season.

My stupid pick: The Vikings get a defensive or special-teams touchdown and win a close one. Call it 18-16, with Anthony Barr making the game's biggest play. 


The Twins' signing of Jason Castro is the kind of uninspiring but intelligent move the team needs.

The franchise will rebound when the pitching improves. There are three ways to improve the pitching: Get better pitchers (which is difficult and takes a long time), get better fielders (a full season of Buxton in center and Kepler in right should help) and get a better defensive catcher.

While Kurt Suzuki was an admirable pro, he wasn't particularly good at calling games or framing pitches. Castro is.


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