Time to make a Vikings pick to be ridiculed later.

I'm 3-1 on the season, missing the Tampa Bay game.

The Vikings' defense should be able to fluster a rookie quarterback making his first start, and the Vikings' offense should get a boost from Sam Bradford's return.

Bradford lit up the New Orleans Saints, who have allowed just 13 points over their last two games.

Case Keenum floundered against the Steelers and Lions, who yesterday combined to allow 57 points.

Bradford is only about 18 times better than Keenum. If he's healthy, the offense should be fine.

All signs point toward a Vikings victory.

But isn't that always the case?

The Vikings have lost eight of their last nine games at Soldier Field. Their only victory came in 2015 when Stefon Diggs led them to a 23-20 decision. The Vikings almost never play well in Chicago, whether because of the wind, the sandy turf or the deleterious effect of deep dish. (I think it's the sandy turf. The Vikings usually rely on speed and the turf turns them into mudders.)

Logic dictates that the Vikings win. History indicates even a bad Bears team will win. I'm reluctantly siding with history. The Bears have played two home games this season. They almost beat the Falcons, and did beat the Steelers. Chicago could yet become a dumpster fire of a team, but it hasn't happened yet.

My stupid prediction: Bears 19, Vikings 16.


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