Each week, commenter Stu takes a look back at a local sports figure about whom you might have forgotten. This works out well. You can also tell he's been doing it for a while, since the guys are getting more obscure (and awesome). Stu?


The Huntdown

Name: Darryl Talley
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a linebacker for the Minnesota Vikings in 1996. He had an interception and a forced fumble in 12 games. He would retire from the NFL after the season.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: Talley is best known for his long tenure with the Buffalo Bills, where he earned Pro Bowl honors twice and started in all four of their Super Bowls. Per Steve Tasker’s essential Tales from the Buffalo Bills book, longtime Bill Fred Smerlas dubbed him the “Talley Whacker” because he “could whack you really good.” QUIT LAUGHING, YOU GUYS! REAL MATURE! Readers may also remember his penchant for wearing a Spiderman undershirt beneath his uniform.
Where He Is Now: he lives in Orlando with his wife and two kids. The West Virginia alum will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame next month.
Is He on Twitter: verified! And I agree with his Tweet that the actor on TV’s Mike and Molly does look like a heavier Michael Buble.
Glorious Randomness: speaking of resemblances, Talley looks eerily like character actor Tony Todd, best known as the Big Bad in the Candyman movies. Urban legend has it that if you say “Darryl Talley” three times in a mirror, you will lose your helmet at the Super Bowl

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