Stu returns to bring you a taste of yesteryear. Stu?


The Hunt Down
Name: Doug Chapman
Claim to Fame, Minnesota: a running back for the Purple from 2000-03, Chapman was in the mix to be the successor to the recently retired Robert Smith, along with Michael Bennett, the underrated Moe Williams, and future punchline Onterrio Smith. Chapman entered two Vikings training camps at the top of the depth chart, but never became “the guy,” and was released during the 2003 season.
Claim to Fame, Everywhere Else: attended Marshall University, was part of their undefeated 1999 team (which was worth a hug from Chad Pennington), and was your 1999 Motor City Bowl MVP. He is second on the school’s all-time rushing list and is in their Athletic Hall of Fame.
Where He Is Now: Worked as an analyst for ESPN’s MAC Game of the Week in 2009 with Michael Reghi. He also writes the Doug’s Dish column on the NFLPA’s website. Regrettably, it is neither a gossip nor cooking column.
Is He On Twitter: yes. RandBall reader DaveMN will be happy to know he enjoys a delicious black and tan. RandBall reader Jon Marthaler will be happy to know he enjoys the World Cup.
DID YOU KNOW: the Motor City Bowl is now the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, and will be held Sunday, December 26th at 8:30. Gopher Nation joke goes here.
Glorious Randomness: as you’ll note from the Awful Announcing link on ESPN’s college football broadcasters, Clay Matvick (ONE OF US/GO HUSKIES WOOOOO!) does some work for them now. Matvick is perhaps best known around these parts for being FSN’s proto-Lapanta in the early aughts, and for having the pleasing scent of a fresh-cut lawn*.